Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Well last night was a crazy night. The most beautiful girl in the world and I traded gifts. Priya gave the most beautiful gift ever. It was AMAZING. I have posted a picture of what she gave me below. Why do Priya and I do this? We think we are a couple, but we deep inside know we are not. How ironic that we rented a movie from Blockbuster, JUST FRIENDS. Priya and I are in the "friend zone," right Priya? LOL. So Priya and I went to Corner's Bakery and ate, came back, watched our movie, and then relaxed. We made plans, hold on...Priya made plans, and we went and hung out with Ricky and Ektha. On our way out the craziest thing happened. Priya almost had to give me her binder. That was a super inside joke! We came back and Priya and I just talked until we feel asleep.
Today was crazy. I woke up and I had this top secret mission I had to do for Priya. I accomlished it with flying colors, plus Priya got amazing sound system out of it! Priya, tomorrow, I promise, I will be going to school.

I went to the gym today. I biked 7.2 miles + 3.6 miles = 10.9 miles today and then I did a whole bunch of abdomenon work. I currently have an ice pack over my left arm from working out to hard Monday night and now I my stomach is killing me. I LOVE IT. "It is good for us =)"

This weekend is going to be hectic. Tonight I am going out to dinner with Erika around 6:00pm, which is now, so I should hurry up. Later tonight, I think its HOOKAH night with some friends. Tomorrow I am going to school and then when I come back I am gonna clean my room. At night time I will be car-less, but I plan on going to a club with Melissa, her hot friends, and my boys, somehow. Friday I have USC orientation. I am going with my dad. After orientation, my dads gonna drop me off at the train station and I am gonna go to Irvine where I will hang out Priya. Saturday, during the day, Priya & I are gonna go to Disneyland or Magic Mountain. At night time, I might go to some party with Priya, which I really dont want to do, or I might have dinner with Lisa, TT4eva! Sunday I think I am seeing Sonia. I will keep everyone posted so check back whenever you want.

Remember to admire the picture below.


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