Monday, June 19, 2006


I have a story with a question. I am very picky about my hygeine habits. I only use Sensodyne toothpaste and a Reach toothbrush with one of those tounge cleaners. Anyways, whenever I finish a tube of toothpaste, I throw away my toothbrush. I pretty much use 12 toothbrushes per year, all the same kind of course. I am just extra clean. Does anyone else do this?

Anyways. Pretty much, honestly, I have the most AMAZING person in my life right now. Her name is Priya. We are one big happy family. Her and I both woke up early this morning for no reason and started looking at handbags. For everyone reading this, if you know of any cute handbags for Priya, please let me know ASAP. We are going to shopping this Friday to get this handbag. We are looking for something vintage, but very cute, and that can be used daily. So pretty much something that matches with everything. So what the hell am I doing looking for a purse? Priya, please dont tell my mom. :-)

So today I start summer classes at SMC. I might drop them after a week and start summer classes at UCLA. I am taking stupid 3 unit classes: Econ and History. I will know what I am doing this Friday after my USC orientation. I am officially a Trojan! I will keep everyone posted on my college journies.

What else? This summer, not only will I be taking summer classes, I will be interning at two places: UCLA Mednet and the CSUN laboratories. I also plan on working out three times a week with my favorite PENGUIN. I also want to put myself on a budget and spend less money. The only person I want to spend money on is Priya, LOL. I think my next blog tomorrow is going to be on Priya Aggarwal. The things she does for me.

My class starts at 10:15am and its 8:46am, so I should start getting ready. I think I am going to wear teal and white...


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