Monday, June 19, 2006

I think I am going to be BLOGGing more often.

Today was such a good day. Even though I woke-up super early, the day got way better. Today was the first day of summer classes at SMC. I walked into my ECON 2 class and I sat in the back next to the hot girls. I actually was sitting right infront of an Indian girl. I found out that she was going to USC next year for her Masters. She was 25 years old! Crazy! Behind her were actually the two cute girls that I mentioned a sentance ago. One of them went to USC as well and was a sophmore and the other went to SDSU. The teacher also graduated from USC, so I told her I went to USC and she liked me. For some reason the teacher started the discussion by asking ME a question. She was reviewing material from ECON 1, such as oppurtunity cost. She asked me what I would rather be doing instead of taking this class. I responded with a very witty answer by saying, "I love Economics and wouldn't do anything else." The entire class laughed and everyone immediatley liked me. Yay!

Then I went to my History 2 class. The teacher arrived 20 minutes late and she started by taking roll. I was very hungry and restless so I left right after she took roll. I was stupid to sit in the front right corner of the room when the door/exit was in the back left corner. As I was walking out the door, the teacher asked me where I was going. I told her I was hungry. The entire once again laughed. As they were laughing, I left. There was also a hot girl in this class. I will get her name tomorrow and BLOGG it.

I then went to lunch with Amee and experienced the most embarrasing moment of my life. So Amee and I walk into this Indian restaurant. Amee was wearing her Juicy/Abercrombie outfit with her DKNY glasses. I was wearing my Abercrombie outfit with my Versache glasses on. We sit at our table and place our lexus keys on the table next to my $500 cell phone and digital camera. The purpose of that description was to show how rich we looked. When our bill came after dinner, not one of us had money to pay for dinner! Do you know how embarrasing that was. Amee owed me a lunch and I only had 13 dollars on me. I maxed out my credit card and my mom had not paid it off. Amee only have 17 dollars on her. We sat there like idiots trying to convince our waiter that we will get him his money. I had to call my friend April to come drop me off some money. THANK YOU APRIL! My parents were to far to bail me out. Anyways...I have posted a picture below of Amee and I.

I came home and in the mail was a letter from Priya. I LOVE YOU PRIYA. I really do. Thank you for making me smile.

Today was a good day and it is going to get even better. I am going to go to the gym today around 7:00 pm and right now I am going to start making something for a special someone.


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